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Solving Problems Through Service


Fort Lauderdale needs a bold new approach to solving problems.  Listening to citizens and responding with action is exactly the type of leader that Fort Lauderdale's residents need.  Chad's unique background of military service and depth of experience in transportation and real estate will bring exactly the right type of "outside the box" solutions for a broken system.  

Caring for the Community

Chad's number one priority is the people in the community - not corporations, special interests, and money.  Chad believes that every person's voice is equal, just like their vote and he is committed to fighting for them.  If a government project or program is not good for everyone, it's not good for Ft Lauderdale.


Fort Lauderdale is at the crossroads 

- on one side is the possibility to become the shining city of the future attracting tourists, businesses, and residents - young and old alike - to our matchless beaches and city

- on the other is a city devastated by greed and corruption, neglecting their duties and destroying the middle class

Chad will fight to ensure a future in which all who live and call Fort Lauderdale home can watch it become the greatest city in the world